Find Out How You Can Become The New Wu-Tang Intern

Wu Tang Is For The Undergrads

If you ever dreamed of spending your summer throwin’ up that “W,” drafting up some “Feeding you and feeding you and feeding you” memes, or posting #TBT clips from Chappelle’s Show then you’re in luck because Wu-Tang is looking for an intern.

The post went up today on CraigsList, so you’ve still got time to slide some Dax on that résumé, smooth it out, clean it up and send that jammy in to the Wu Gods…or to the Wu-Tang Management staff. Here are the specs from the post:

Wu-Tang Management is currently looking for people that are versed in social media networking and also up on the newest social networking trends. We are looking for individuals that are able to set appointed times thorough the day to do social media updates and stay consistent with posts. The perfect candidate would be someone that is available for various events to document footage and pictures on all social media outlets i.e facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

What we are looking for:
Excellent written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse audiences
Interest in the music/entertainment industry
Professional demeanor
Experience with social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Blogspot, etc.)
Well organized with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently
Ability to meet deadlines

One catch though, there’s no compensation for this joint. Maybe you’ll get hooked up with a Metrocard and some lunch, but otherwise zilch on the money tip.

For the most part that’s how it goes with most internships anyway, so why not get those toes wet in the industry starting with a gig with one of hip hop’s most illustrious crews. There’s really no way of  telling how legitimate this is, but whoever posted the ad is gonna be going through a lot of emails by the end of today.

The position looks like it will be located in Jersey, so if you’re in the TriState area start sending those emails! Looks like Wu-Tang will forever be for the children is for the Undergrads!

[h/t DD & Noisey]

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