Paglia Nicki Feminist Booty 2014 Twitter Trend

#FeministBooty: Can I Get In, Or Nah?

Feminist booty is more provocative than regular booty.

What is feminist booty? What separates it from regular booty? More importantly, can I get some of that?

The hashtag #feministbooty has taken over Twitter today, and while @thesoulasylum is the originator of today’s #feministbootyfrenzy, the story goes much deeper.

Kael MacQuarrie, aka @BasedKael, was the first person to use #feministbooty hashtag, on June 1 at 12:27 am to be exact.

“It was over a year ago, and I think I was drunk when I tweeted it. But I was thinking about a feminist I knew who had an amazing booty… so I felt the world should know. After I tweeted it, it got no love. I’m glad it has been rediscovered.”

When asked for further details on the feminist’s booty that incited his drunken proclamation of unrequited love, Kael replied:

“I shall not reveal the feminists identity out of respect. I believe that through tweeting it I proclaimed my booty appreciation publicly. Really though, feminist booty does not apply to one person. Every nice booty is allowed to be a feminist booty. It’s a concept… Stay Based.”

Today, thousands of females are taking pictures of their rear end because… feminism. The idea is, if it’s ok for men to embrace their sexuality, and “flaunt themselves,” why can’t women do it?

This almost feels like a Camille Paglia moment– embracing the power of sexuality in the name of feminism. Paglia is sometimes called an anti-feminist’s feminist for her contrarian views. In her book Sex, Art And American Culture she wrote:

Madonna won my undying loyalty by reviving and re-creating the hard glamour of the studio-era Hollywood movie queens, figures of mythological grandeur. Contemporary feminism cut itself off from history and bankrupted itself when it spun its paranoid fantasy of male oppressors and female sex-object victims. Woman is the dominant sex. Woman’s sexual glamour has bewitched and destroyed men since Delilah and Helen of Troy.

The creators of #feministbooty may not know of Paglia’s work, but they have undoubtedly channelled her message. Though this hashtag is far from understood, we’re not mad. Women posting provocative pictures of their asses in the name of sexual equality is something we’re not afraid to get behind.

The Twittersphere, however, is not feeling #feministbooty:

screenshot of tweets
Feminist booty Twitter
Feminist booty controversy
What is feminist booty about?

Paglia Nicki Feminist Booty 2014 Twitter Trend

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