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Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Ronnie Dell’Aquila

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Ronnie Dell’Aquila

Discover how East Coast legend Ronnie Dell’Aquila has been passionately tattooing for over forty years.

Ronnie Dell’Aquila is from the old New York school of tattooing. Dell’Aquila became fascinated by the almighty ink from a very young age and he set out on a quest: to master tattoo. From first tattooing himself at 9 years old to spending his 40 year tattooing anniversary the way he loves it, this piece takes us all along on his journey. Dell’Aquilla represents an important link in the legacy of East Coast style tattoo and we are grateful to have him contribute.

Check out the full conversation with Ronnie Dell’Aquila at Fellowship Tattoo Supply.

*Fellowship Tattoo Supply Co. exists to promote craftsmanship while furthering the artistry of the tattoo community. We honor the dedication of artists before us through dedication of our own, shunning shortcuts in favor of sacrifice. For those who find joy in creating, the role of a maker is a life, not a living.*

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