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Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Timmy Tatts

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Timmy Tatts

Tattooer, builder of machines, and collector of odd and unusual things, Timmy Tatts is a man that cannot be stopped once he sets his mind on something.  In this video Fellowship Supply Co. provides a peek into his world. He explains that his love for tattooing lies in the possibilities, that one can never learn all there is to know, and because of this he never grows tired of his craft.  Also in this video, tales of treasure found amidst his collecting at an antique store one day: a trunk filled with rare machines once used by Charlie Wagner, from the old days of tattooing on the Bowery in NYC.

Check out the full conversation with Timmy Tatts at Fellowship Tattoo Supply.

*Fellowship Tattoo Supply Co. exists to promote craftsmanship while furthering the artistry of the tattoo community. We honor the dedication of artists before us through dedication of our own, shunning shortcuts in favor of sacrifice. For those who find joy in creating, the role of a maker is a life, not a living.*

Yellow Vintage Sign Eagle Ship Flag Desk Junk
Man Desk Sleeve Tattoos Fixing
Hand Palm Machine Tattoo Black Metal
Hand Palm Machine Tattoo Black Metal
Pictures Tattoo Black White VIntage
Flash Tattoo Art Devil Man Lady Parrot Red Green Snake Sex
Eagle Snake Tattoo Skin Covered Full

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