Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Dave Hill

Fellowship Supply Company interviews veteran tattoo machine builder Dave Hill about his craft and how he's continued to foster his passion for the craft.

Dave Hill from Karnak, Illinois is a veteran tattoo artist, a craftsman, and a patriot. Hill came up in the ranks 25 years ago under the mentorship of Jerry Rigger, whom had been making the old Paul Rogers style tattoo machines, something that piqued Hill’s interest. Eventually, Hill began making tattoo machines as well, and so began his love for the craft. “Just like a cabinet maker builds cabinets, like any craftsman that does anything for a professional function, it’s to make it right. To make the machine do what it’s supposed to do.” Hill says his tattoo machines have improved exponentially since he started making them, yet he also acknowledges the passion beyond the skill set, the love that goes into it, “the time and the hand behind a good machine.”

Check out the full conversation with Freddy Negrete at Fellowship Tattoo Supply.

*Fellowship Tattoo Supply Co. exists to promote craftsmanship while furthering the artistry of the tattoo community. We honor the dedication of artists before us through dedication of our own, shunning shortcuts in favor of sacrifice. For those who find joy in creating, the role of a maker is a life, not a living.*

Shadow Shop Machine Arm Up

Meta; Pieces Black Pile Tatoo Machine

Tattoo Equipment Pieces Table

Close Up Hands Tattoo Machine Red

Welding Machine Shop Mask Sparks

Tattoo White Tee Glasses White Hair

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