USA Today releases the Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator

Feeling Down? Let Kanye Boost Your Confidence

Let Kanye help you get your confidence game up.

Let’s face it: Kanye West is the poster child for self-confidence. To counter all of the numerous times he was told “no” throughout his life and career, the man lashed out with positive ego-maniacal statements. And we are not mad. Truth be told— the shit IS inspirational.

In honor of the everlasting impact of his statements, USA Today took the time to create the Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator. The generator is clearly meant to inspire you to be as arrogant and whiny humble and strong-minded as Kanye, all while looking at his greatest press moments that left a lasting impact on the world.

These are the moments that created the man we know as Kanye West, aka Yeezy, aka Yeezus. Get your morale boost here.

USA Today's Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator
USA Today releases the Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator

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