All I Need Is One: Fatima

London soul singer Fatima shares the one thing she can't live without.

Fatima Cassette Player

All I Need Is One:

“All I need is… my cassette tape player. Well basically, there’s a few different things I can’t live without. But to be honest, when I was thinking about this one… it’s like, I’ve had this cassette player since I was really young. I don’t even remember how old I was when I got it. It’s basically got like crazy effects, and bomb sounds [Laughs]. You can basically talk into the microphone and record on it, or just listen to cassettes and play around with effects. I always used to do loads of recording on cassettes when I was a kid. So for me, it’s kinda like a little nostalgic in that sense. It symbolizes analog sounds, and I just really miss that, in general.

It just takes me back to the time when you used to sit and make mixtapes and the sound was sometimes a little bit crackly, sometimes the cassette got a little messed up so you have to pull the whole thing out with a pen [Laughs]. So it just takes me back to that time, and I don’t want to let it go, because I love it so much.”

“Gave Me My Names” Resident Advisor Live Session

“I’m not against digital, analog— I just always gravitate to that more. I just feel like in general, it feels warmer and it’s got a little bit more soul to it. It’s got like a little more charm and feels a bit more alive in a way. It’s just not as cold and perfectly clean.

I still love today’s technology and the speed of it and what you can do with it. I think it’s amazing. You know, I think I try to find a balance between the two, but I think analog is always going to be close to my heart.”

Essential Listening:

“Do Better” (Prod. Floating Points)

“Ridin Round (Sky High)” Prod. Scoop DeVille

Fatima’s Yellow Memories LP is out this week via Eglo Records.

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