All I Need Is One: Fatima

London soul singer Fatima shares the one thing she can't live without.

Fatima Looking out the window

On her debut LP, Yellow Memories, the Eglo Records artist blends soul, synths, and raw talent, to create a sunny glow over unexpected beats. Fusing new with the old, the result is something extremely special— something that holds you tight and promises to never let go no matter how often the tides change.

“It’s like my whole life. It’s like everything that I listened to, from when I was a child to now. It’s like all my past experiences listening to stuff. All the soul music, to stuff I listened to growing up like Lauryn Hill, SWV, Aaliyah, Erykah Badu to more present stuff. A lot of R&B music and I listen to a whole lot of hip hop. So it can be anything from Wu-Tang to Madlib, Tribe Called Quest, all the stuff from the ‘Golden Era.’ The list is so long.”

Fatima in the Window

Drawing on the vast sounds of her surroundings— instead of trying to imitate what she was hearing in the clubs and on the radio— Fatima absorbed those influences into a world of her own.

“I’m just a fiend for different sounds and new artists. I’m always checking out new things, I just love music so much. There’s too much music to check out. Plus most of my friends, they are DJs, so they always put me on to a lot of new, and old stuff. I know some people do that, they just listen to their own stuff, and maybe it’s a good thing. But I’m just addicted to checking out new stuff all the time. You just want to stay inspired you know?”

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