All I Need Is One: Fatima

London soul singer Fatima shares the one thing she can't live without.

Fatima Closeup Curls

London’s sunniest afternoon, in song form
Plastic People, Shoreditch, London
Photos By Robin Mayes

Why we love her:

Sunny days spent basking in the hours that came before, that’s how Swedish-born, now London-based singer Fatima wants you to feel when you listen to her sultry drawls. Like a warm embrace enveloping you whole, there’s a word for a sound so pure: Timeless. Filling her musical horn of plenty with a lifetime of genre-spanning influences, late nights in underground clubs, and grin-inducing memories of her childhood in Sweden, Fatima explores the depths of history with her words.

Fatima Mass Appeal Interview


“I moved to London seven and a half years ago, so during those years I’ve experienced a lot of different styles here in the city. I used to go out to club nights like Deviation, for example, run by a DJ over here called Benji B. And a club called Plastic People, which used to have all kinds of club nights. They used to play Broken Beat, Dubstep, and all kinds of things before it was popular— when it was just raw, really fresh and inspiring. I used to go to a lot of these nights and get all these new influences, and it really opened my mind to a lot of new sounds.”

Fatima Plastic People

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