Fat Tony & Tom Cruz Form Double Dragon To Spit 8-Bit Fire

The Houston-Atlanta connection of Fat Tony and Tom Cruz, pop the cherry on the Young One Records roster with their full-length release out today. Throw some "D"s on it and download.

Double Dragon Album Cover

Double Dragon, the album by Fat Tony & Tom Cruz marks a new chapter. It dropped today, June 1st, on kind of unconventional day to release music—Tuesday being the standard. It’s also the first of many releases to come from the Young One Records label. Doing things differently, because of your own spin has always been a testament to hip-hop and music, especially in the age of the Internet. The Double Dragon LP, which is composed entirely by Tom Cruz uses 8-bit sounds (about 14 original tracks). But Tom’s being criticized on Twitter for “sampling” 8-bit video games. He’s standing firm in defending his work to the haters.

Tom Cruz is sort of like a professor to beat production. “How To Make A Song Proper” explains his creative process, where he goes off about song construction from scratch. This however isn’t the first time he’s spoken in detail about his craft. Go back to his days with his Atlanta brothers from Supreeme, the opening track of their last album, God Bless The Child, the hook dropped the jewel that rhyme don’t come from paper. Meaning—in his Jamaican accent—that the rhymes rappers spit, should not be filtered from their mind to paper, then back onto wax. Keep it natural, keep it real. Tom and Tony thrive on that type of originality, at the heart of their latest release. Watch your mouth next time you loosely use the word “sample” when talking to a master of his craft. Tom Cruz can write checks that his beats can cash, ya dig. Download the release via Young One Records below.

Download Double Dragon here. Check out Tom and Tony touring with 10ille, nationwide this summer.

Double Dragon June tour dates 10ille

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