Fat Joe “Your Honor” ft. Action Bronson

Joey Crack might be going away for a while, but he's leaving with a bang!

Cover art for Fat Joe's "The Darkside 3."

Alright, so two fat guys walk into a studio. No this isn’t a joke, New York heavyweights Fat Joe and the charismatic Action Bronson recently leaked their collaborative effort for Joe’s The Darkside 3 with “Your Honor.” If you’re unaware, the not so fat Joe is about to serve a prison sentence for tax evasion beginning today. He’s going away for four months, and “Your Honor” is Crack’s response to the judge’s sentencing, addressing his current charges, and of course spitting some vintage gritty Joey with lines like, “Shoot like paparazzi I go Kanye crazy, then beat a n***a blu like Beyonce baby.

Action Bronson certainly has a knack for stealing the show on his features. His enigmatic and playful flow shows why he’s currently one of the top MCs from New York. His left-field punch lines and obscure references make you feel all boom-bap-fuzzy inside. Newsflash: it’s highly possible that this Bronson verse is the first Ronnie Fieg name drop, “Eating chicken getting my d**k sucked it’s basic/Ronnie Fieg Asics, this f**kin’ beat make me feel like I’m in the basement.” Ok, Bronson clearly has his kick game on point, and it’s no secret that the Queens MC and the Kith commander in chief have a solid relationship . We’re hoping that Bronsoliño and Premier have many more collaborations in store for us.

Fat Joe’s The Darkside 3 is available for download now!

Yo! Adrian advises you to always pay your taxes, even if you’re getting that Laker paper.
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