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Year in Review: Mass Appeal’s Fashion Round Up 2013

Year in Review: Mass Appeal’s Fashion Round Up 2013


Trends That Must Die

With each new year comes new trends in fashion. As much as we want to believe that everything is timeless the truth is nothing lasts forever. Alert the presses and holla to the streets, these trends must die!

Photo of trend that needs to die, all camo everything.

“All Camo Everything”

The era of camouflage is coming to an end. Now don’t get me wrong, camo in moderation is okay in my book. It’s the “wildcard” in any wardrobe, at least it was until the market over-saturated the print. I find it hard to believe you’ll be doing any hunting in the concrete jungle, unless you have a permit to hunt the large vermin that occupy our sewers. Please, leave the camo to the military.

Stamp of exclusivity.


This is the realest pet-peeve when it comes to fashion. The idea of something being “exclusive” does not apply and should not be used as a marketing gimmick when it comes to releases. Guess what? everything is exclusive and limited.

I’m tired of hearing, “You heard so-and-so is collaborating with so-and-so for an exclusive collab?” Here’s the thing, no matter how exclusive something is, so-and-so is gonna collaborate with another so-and-so for a different exclusive collaboration. Footwear is a different story, every week we get a limited colorway of the same model that released the following week. Don’t sip the Kool-Aid.

Exclusive to me is 1/50, hell I’ll stretch it to 1/1000. But we must stop falling for marketing schemes because they advertise it as exclusive, exclusive is no longer exclusive.

Photo of a tie-dye t-shirt, a trend that must die in 2014.


When tie-dye first resurfaced, I couldn’t help but get semi-psyched inside. Then every brand known to man from the mom and pop stores to major corporations began using the print. Some were done right, but when you walk into a party and see seven other people wearing the same t-shirt you have on, it gets old fast.

This is yet another case of over-saturation in the market. Low key would’ve kept tie-dye G, but instead I’m walking around completely sober thinking I’m tripping acid because five out of ten “fresh kids” want to rock swirly colorful shirts. Enough is enough, give tie-dye a rest.

Here’s a suggestion, box those shirts up and stuff them in the darkest crevices of your attic. Then, when the coast is clear in about 4-5 years, bring em out when everyone least expects it. You’ll thank me later.

Brands to Watch in 2014


Influencers 2013

Where’d you get your style from? If you got it from the Internet, please raise your hand. Geez, that’s a lot of hands. Originality is rare to come by, but these dudes right here know what’s good before the designers do. Here are our top influencers of 2013.

Photo of A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg of the A$AP MOB.

A$AP Mob

Namely Rocky and Ferg, A$AP Mob had a monstrous year. But it is their ability to bring high fashion to the attention of streetwear junkies that most draws thousands of aesthetes to tap A$AP as influence in their everyday apparel. Look no further then their slew of videos for proof: Rocky’s “Fashion Killa” features Rihanna and Pretty Flacko mixing the finest in fashion with the gods of streetwear like Supreme, and Ferg’s “Shabba” vid epitomizes luxurious thug style.

Rocky also had his first chance to delve into design this year as he collaborated with his good friend Jeremy Scott for a limited run of Adidas Wings. Scroll through the internets and you’ll find all your favorite rappers clad in Hood By Air and ripped jeans. Wait, didn’t Flacko spit, “Niggas got rips in they jeans man I started that/Hood By Air man I started that/Niggas claim they the God of black/Well your name is purple I’m the God of that.” 

The A$AP Mob had a heavy influence on the scene in 2013, with zero signs of slowing down coming in the near future. Fashion junkies are anxiously awaiting Rocky’s next design effort come the new year.

Photo of Kanye West attacking paparazzi in Air Max 90 "USA" Pack.

Kanye West

Here’s a scenario that epitomizes Yeezy’s influence amongst the fashion world. The Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “Independence Day” Pack sat on shelves collecting dust when it first dropped over the summer. That is until Kanye West was spotted assaulting paparazzi rocking the Navy iteration of the sneaker. Within days the sneakers sold out. Yeezy continues to mastermind looks that have all the hypebeasts imitating in utter failure, but continue to attempt nonetheless.

West’s various design ventures in 2013 caused a ruckus just as anything Yeezus related does, while the Nike Yeezy 2 “Red Octobers” have yet to see a release date. Rather, West split ties with Nike due to irreconcilable differences. He is now headed to design for Adidas, which should cause a big shift in power amongst the sneaker gods. West also plans to release his apparel on a wider scale. In fact, to make a change on the way the world’s population lives in the modern era.

Yeezy taught us all, and will continue to head the class of elite tastemakers in the world. His rants are unnecessary at times, but for Yeezus sake, he brought the leather jogging pants to Fendi six years ago! Today we see many a dude sporting imitation leather joggers. He will always be ahead of the curve. Kanye West has the answers.

Trends That Must To Die

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