Fan Out: Brandon Westgate Issue 54

Fan Out: Brandon Westgate on Ricky Oyola

Ricky Oyola is the embodiment of East Coast skateboarding, and Zoo York prodigy Brandon Westgate is its future.

Photos by Sean Cronan

Ricky Oyola is the embodiment of east coast skateboarding. And Zoo York prodigy Brandon Westgate is its future. The two recently met in New York City for a session and here’s Westgate’s take on what went down.

Mass Appeal: When was the first time you ever heard about about Ricky?

Brandon Westgate: I’m not sure. It was a long time ago.

How would you describe his style of skateboarding?

He’s a real raw skater. He skates really raw shit. He finds sick stuff to skate you wouldn’t normally think to skate.

What’s his contribution to True East skateboarding?

Pushing fast.

Is there a video part of his that really stands out to you? Why?

His Eastern Exposure part, because it just lives on as one of the best videos and best parts.

What about a specific trick or spot that he’s skated that really stands out to you?

Probably just skating with him the other day. He was pole jamming over a fire hydrant and he said he hasn’t skated in a year — cause he had some surgery. He did it like third try and then never missed one. After, he did probably 30 and made it look so fun. It looked like he’d been skating everyday.

Why do you think he is such a memorable guy and has such an infamous reputation?

He has a point of view and something to say. He stands for something and expresses it through his skating. He’s a true East Coast legend.

What do you think about his approach to skateboarding and his infamous skate spot rituals?

It’s sick. He put the work into finding the spot and making it skatable, so he can do what he wants with it. I like that he does things differently.

What was it like skating with him in person? Describe the day with him that these photos were shot.

He was pushing really fast. I mean, really fast. Everyone was trying to keep up with him. It was fun flying down the streets of New York with him. It was a sick day.

Why is he such a legend among East Coast skaters?

Probably because he’s a core East Coaster. Always has been, always will be.

How do you feel to have him back involved with Zoo York? Why?|

It’s sick. He’s an inspiration.

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