Family Swank: Powers Pleasant

At 19-years-old, Powers Pleasant travels the world and produces for his crew, Pro Era.

Name: Powers Pleasant
Age: 19
Sign: Aquarius
Swank: Pro Era DJ/producer


We recently caught up with Clinton Hill, Brooklyn native, producer and Pro Era DJ Powers “Pthevigil∆ntie” Pleasant. Like other insanely creative hip hop collectives —such as Brooklyn’s Boot Camp Clik and Staten Island’s Wu-Tang Clan—Pro Era has their own lingua franca within the culture’s already dope idiom. For instance, when you see “eye” instead of “I”, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you like Scarface and The Geto Boys. Don’t fret, ‘migos: there’s a science to this. Read on and see what moves Powers, his adventures on the Beast Coast Tour, and what’s to come.  

Mass Appeal: Powers, what’s good? I know you’ve been really busy lately with the Under the Influence Tour and everything. Besides that, what are you currently working on?

Powers Pleasant: Eye’ve been working on the Pro Era label, A&R’ing A La $ole’s new project [dropping this winter], dabbling in some clothing lines, like the Pro Era Brand and Giani NYC. You know, staying busy.

MA: For those who don’t know, you DJ and produce for Pro Era. Has life changed a lot for you now that you’re part of what some heads call this generation’s Wu-Tang Clan?

PP: Eye am very grateful. People change, Eye don’t. Things haven’t changed too drastically, [I’m] just pursuing my dreams and doing what Eye love.

MA: You’ve been DJing and producing for some years now. How did you get into that?

PP: Well, Eye’ve always loved music, and have been a musician since birth. Eye loved hip hop—The Neptunes, really, inspired me to produce. Eye first started though [by] using Garageband on my dad’s Mac.

MA: Eye know that you love vinyl. What are your top three favorite albums? What’s an album that you don’t have that you would love to cop?

PP: Hmmmm…It always varies, but right now they have to be Foster Sylvers’ Foster Sylvers, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

MA: Though you guys have only come out with a few mixtapes so far, how would you evaluate the way things are going right now?

PP: Pretty good. We’ve already been around the world and are just straight out of high school. The way things are going look pretty good to me.


MA: You’ve traveled more than most American teenagers DJing for Pro Era. Is there any country or city you’d want to go back to and experience?

PP: London was dope, wish Eye was there for longer, and most deff Canada. They showed so much love there, if you know what Eye mean [laughs].

MA: What do you mean?

PP: [Laughs] Let’s just keep it at that.

MA: Dopest set so far?

PP: Deff Montreal on the Beast Coast Tour. Eye felt like Diplo, ha!

MA: If I could work with anyone, living or gone, it would have to be…

PP: Michael Jackson. He’s still the greatest.

MA: What’s the future looking like for you?

PP: Very exciting. There are a lot of good things coming my way.

MA: Can you give us a hint?

PP: Well, Pro Era’s album is dropping in 2014 and we’re finishing the year with a North American and Australian tour.

MA: Favorite quote or motto?

PP: Paulo Coelho wrote: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

MA: Pro Era is…

PP: Life.

Pro Era

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