Glyn Brown Family Swank

Family Swank: Glyn Brown

At 20-years-old, Glyn Brown has successfully launched his L3NF brand and gained the attention of a whole lot of fashionistas and tastemakers.

Name: Glyn Brown
Age: 20
Sign: Gemini
Swank: designer/creator of L3NF
Check out his gear:

Glyn Brown Family Swank

If you already keep it trill then I’m not dropping knowledge, but just incase you don’t, let me introduce you to 20-year-old my-generation style icon and creator of L3NF, Glyn Brown. From any one of his heart-shaped pins and classic crew neck sweaters to his cameo in Willow Smith’s “Spring Fling” video, Glyn has the game on lock and key. In this week’s Family Swank, Mr. L3NF talks about his inspirations, what’s to come, and keepin’ it real for Lil’ Saint. 

Mass Appeal: Your new L3NF x Swarovski shirt recently dropped. You’ve come so far in such a short time. How do you do it?

Glyn Brown: I stay motivated on the big picture, which is making enough impact in the world to be called one of the greats for what I do.

MAWhat inspires you right now?

GB: Kendell, Justine, Mom, Vic, Joo, Ade, Ramya… and most importantly Amirah.

MA: What would you say has had the biggest influence on your line?

GB: Life.

MA: Your L3NF pop-up event at Central Park was a major success. What about your viewpoint do you think inspires so many heads?

GB: This was actually my 7th event in the past two years. I feel that my story keeps growing and people just want to continue to be apart of the movement.

MA: Who are you collabing with next?


MA: The one article of clothing everyone should own this fall is…

GB: Any L3NF gear.

Family Swank L3NF Glyn Brown Tees Tshirt

MA: They say Geminis are not only the jack-of-all-trades but masters of them. What say you?

GB: I agree. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s very true.

MA: What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken with L3NF so far?

GB: My #thisoneforlilsaint release. I feel that people related to the movement but just couldn’t really accept the design. Even though it did well. It was a risk. It is all still a learning experience.

MA: What’s next?

GB: November-January…My time.

MA: L3NF is… 

GB: A way of life.  

MA: Favorite quote or motto?

GB: Motto: legendary moments “l3Nf”.

Family Swank Glyn Brown L3NF

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Glyn Brown Family Swank

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