Family Swank: Brian Ceballo

This New York Daily News Golden Gloves winner has a bright future ahead of him.

Name: Brian Ceballo
Age: 20
Sign: Pisces
Swank: Boxer

Brian Ceballo


One of the many things that make this Family Swanker so deadly is his sense of cool, calm, and collectedness in the ring. After winning the New York Daily News Golden Gloves in the 141lb division in both 2011 and 2012, 20-year-old Brian Ceballo took home this year’s title in the 152lb division. With a supportive crowd cheering him on, Brian put on a show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, punching his way to a unanimous victory against opponent Jose de la Rosa. Read along as Brian tells us how he got started in boxing, his goals for the near future, and what drives him outside the ring.  

Mass Appeal: Congratulations on your recent New York Golden Gloves win in the 152 lb Open Division. You must be ecstatic. What’s your current record?

Brian Ceballo: Thank you, I appreciate it. I am, especially after winning it twice before. My [current] record is 113-17.

MA: How would you describe your style?

BC: As a fighter, I would describe my style as “boxer,” a hit-and-not-get-hit kind of fighter.

MA: There were so many eyes on you at the Barclays Center, and yet you looked as if you were right at home.

BC: I felt like I was at home because I don’t focus on the crowd: I focus on the fight. My main focus is to win victory over my opponent. Many people can’t shine under pressure, but with me it’s the opposite. I love the pressure!

MA: Vision and focus are important factors in gaining success. How’d you get started as a boxer? Has it always been something that grabbed your attention?

BC: It definitely is! My father put me in boxing at the age of 7, but it didn’t really grab my attention right away. However, after I began to train and heard a lot about fighting, I was eager to get my first fight. From then on, I fell in love with the sport.

MA: How do you get your mind and body right for a tournament? What’s your training process like?

BC: My mind is always ready, especially if I’m in fighting shape. But physically, I do strength and conditioning on top of my regular boxing workouts. I always stay in shape though because it’s hard getting back to this state if you’ve let yourself go, even for a little bit.

MA: Who are your biggest influences in the boxing world?

BC: Definitely God, my family, and my coach. My favorite boxer, though, is Floyd Mayweather.

MA: What are you into besides sports? Do you have any creative outlets?

BC: Well actually, I’m also a musician. I play the guitar and piano, as well as sing and rap.

MA: I know you’re only twenty, but has there been an instance where you’ve questioned whether or not boxing was your intended path?

BC: Yes, of course I have, but I’m only human. I’m glad to say though that that phase is over with.

MA: People often criticize boxing as being a fixed sport with biased politics. What say you?

BC: I mean, it’s only my opinion, but I feel that those aspects come out when there’s big time money involved.

MA: The biggest misconception about boxing is __________.

BC: Everyone thinks it’s easy until they try it.

MA: What’s next for you?

BC: I have a couple trips lined up for this year. I’m also trying out for the 2016 Olympics, so that should be pretty exciting.

Brian Ceballo- Family Swank

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