FACE OFF: NHL Jersey Round-Up

Mass Appeal’s Guide to the NHL Playoffs (Based on the only thing that actually matters – jerseys)

With the longest postseason in professional sports, NHL jersey selection is no joke—no one wants to wear the same ugly shirt for two months. Here’s Mass Appeal’s guide to the first round of the NHL postseason based on the one thing that really matters: the uniforms.

Ottawa Senators New York Rangers Playoffs NHL Post Season Jersey

Ottawa Senators vs. New York Rangers: Ottawa went with the wrong side of vintage on their third jersey. Wide horizontal stripes? Some things go out of style for a reason.

Winner: Rangers

Boston Bruins Washington Capitals NHL Jersey Eastern Conference Playoffs

Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins: The black & yellow color way on the Bruins would make even Wiz Khalifa’s haters think twice. The bear logo on their third jersey is everything a throwback jersey is supposed to be, and no one in this office is willing to tell Zdeno Chara his outfit is anything less than becoming.

Winner: Bruins

Florida Panthers New Jersey Devils NHL Jersey Playoffs Eastern Conference

New Jersey Devils vs. Florida Panthers: This was close, but in the end the ice blue and navy Panther are a little too cool for the Devils.

Winner: Panthers

Pittsburgh Penguins Philadelphia Flyers NHL Jersey Playoffs

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: This one could’ve gone either way, but that Penguin looks dashing in his scarf.

Winner: Penguins


Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings NHL Jersey Playoffs

Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings: The Canucks third jersey is arguably the most elegant in professional sports. Meanwhile, as per the usual, LA is trying way too hard to be cool. Less Hollywood, more Venice, boys.

Winner: Canucks.

 San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues NHL Jersey Playoffs

San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues: St. Louis’ flying 8th note logo will always hold a special place in our hearts, but retro is the rage these days, and that means teal is the new black.

Winner: Sharks

Chicago Blackhawks Phoenix Coyotes NHL Jersey Western Conference Playoffs

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Phoenix Coyotes: This was like pulling hairs—ugly, grey hairs with split ends. We went with the lesser of two evils.

Winner: Coyotes.

 Detroit Red Wings Nashville Predators NHL Postseason Playoffs Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators: Unlike the real-life series, this match-up is no contest.

Winner: Nashville

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