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Ewing Guard “Prince Blue”

Ewing Guard “Prince Blue”


Ewing Guard Prince Blue side shot sneakers

With summer coming to a close, brands such as Ewing Athletics are starting to preview what they have in store for the fall. The “Ewing Guard” makes its triumphant comeback to retailers this fail in the classic Knicks’ colorway. The model is covered mostly in  “prince blue,” with speckles of orange on the eyelets and midsole. Patrick Ewing’s name and jersey number appear on the collar of the ankle and tongue in a bold white. The sneaker’s moniker may be inspired by the legendary center’s nickname “Madison Square Guardian.” While there’s still no word on the release date, I’m pretty sure there is a 15-year-old kid somewhere with a high top fade is about to take out an advance on his allowance so he can cop these.