Evidence Green Tape Instrumentals in the studio

Evidence – The Story Behind “Green Tape Instrumentals”

We head to Venice Beach, CA to chop it up with Evidence about his new project, Green Tape Instrumentals, and find out how squirrels judge his beats.

On a recent trip to California, we had a chance to stop by Venice Beach and kick it with producer/rapper Evidence before the release of his fourth instrumental project, Green Tape Instrumentals. We chopped it up with EV in his home studio about the trial and error that comes with being a producer. While some of his beats were created simply to experiment with different software, like Reason, his hotter tracks have been snatched up by other rappers, some going unused for years. Evidence also showed us the squirrels that congregate when he’s making an ill beat, “When a beat’s going good they show up… It’s like they love the drums. Squirrels love drums.”

Check out the video above to get the full story of Evidence’s new project Green Tape Instrumentals, and afterwards head over to iTunes to pick up a copy.

Evidence squirrels listening to beats


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Evidence Green Tape Instrumentals in the studio

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