Fashawn Evidence The Beginning

Evidence Directs Fashawn’s “The Beginning”

Jason Goldwatch chimes in on musician and visual wizard, Evidence's new Fashawn video. Apparently, it's very worth the watch!

Fashawn The Beginning  Graffiti

In the ’90s I was attending Film School in LA and Evidence was creating what would become Dilated Peoples. We began shooting videos in our 20s. From super 8mm film, stolen from Costco and then projected on my dorm room walls, to 16mm, to Super 16mm, to 35mm, to Super 35mm, to digital, from The Box to MTV Jams, EV and I have been on a strange visual journey together since our youth. He was always the most visually involved in the videos. We spent many nights in his Venice apartment working through and sometimes butting heads on the multitude of videos we made together, somewhere around 20 or so.

I think half because we enjoyed each others company, but also because we respected each other as craftsmen and artists across the board.

EVs mother was actually an amazing image maker, and from an early time it was obvious Ev inherited his mother’s wonderful touch. Like most, I watched EV slaughter on Instagram, and as we kept shooting video and films together our conversations always eventually led down the path to me encouraging him to shoot his own video. I think for a musician to shoot a video for his own song is amazing insight into an artist’s 3rd eye system. As we shot around together, two photographers watching life unravel, it was clear his eyes and ears were way open.

Tyler came along and made some noise I think that woke a lot of people up… including myself cuz.

At long last Evidence took the time and brainings to work with the Fam FASHAWN on a music video. Evidence is a a dear friend to me, but really, I’m a geeked fan. I’m proud to see him develop truly as an artist does and I’d like to imagine I had a teeny, tiny role in helping Mr. Evidence settle into another form of expression and artistic wizardry.

Ev you’re rad man, I’m mad proud. And a little scared of what’s to come. I got a hot 16, lets get up and make some music though….

True story. DILATED forever.


Oh and don’t forget to check out the Time Piece on the good homie. Shot in Venice Beach, California, we take a trip with Evidence on a photo mission in his hometown.

Fashawn Evidence The Beginning

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