Photo from Mass Appeal's coverage at Dunkxchange Citi Field.

Everything We Learned About Sneaker Culture From Dunkxchange

These people like sneakers a whole lot more than you do.

Photography by Tyler Mitchell

Dunkxchange is a breeding ground for the future hustlers of America. Instead of slinging narcotics, a male-dominated crowd that ranges from kids, to grown-ass men are out and about for the same reason: to move the rarest of sneakers for mega bucks.

Recently, Dunkxchange hosted its largest event in New York at Citi Field, with the festivities taking place on the stadium’s concourse. The stretch of concrete was lined with numerous vendor tables filled with the most highly coveted kicks from the past decade up for sale.

Although the sneakers are the main attraction, Dunkxchange also provides a full on experience featuring music performances, sneaker battles, and even a fashion show. It’s evident that sneaker culture is alive and thriving with events like these.

Now hold on to your hats, cause we are gonna break down everything we learned about sneaker culture from Dunkxchange.

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Photo from Mass Appeal's coverage at Dunkxchange Citi Field.

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