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The Etnies RCT by Nick Garcia

Find out about how Nick Garcia's new signature RCT Etnies shoe is heavily influence by his photography.

In this digital age, Etnies taps into the mystique of analog photography thanks to shutterbug, and team rider, Nick Garcia. The homie’s been shooting for years now and expresses that, next to skateboarding, it’s definitely his other passion. Capitalizing on an opportunity to blend both worlds, the shoe company decided to give Long Beach California-bred rider his own signature version of the RCT shoe. It features subtle and sweet details like the AE-1 35mm camera (his favorite) lens copied on to the shoe’s heel. There’s also a small video short about how he was introduced to photography and how it continues to inspire his lifestyle.

Photographer Shoot Camera

Skateboarding Barrier Concrete Roadblock Trick

Canon AE-1 Photo Photographer Picture by Nick Garcia

Waterpark Black White Photography Film Photo

Photography Black White Carnival Analog Photo


Etnies Black White Skateboarding Shoe

Camera City California Photography

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