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Ethik Clothing’s “FROM NY TO PHILLY” Graffiti Exhibition

Has Philly ever seen anything like this?

Ethik is hosting its first graffiti art show at their newest store in Philadelphia with a legendary line up. Contributing artists include, Trap, Madizm, Ket, Mast, Easy, Klass, Curve, Jick, Zaone, and Nover. An open bar by Pasbt Blue Ribbon will go along with the opening.

Here are some words from curator and contributing artist Trap on the show:

“This exhibition features 10 dynamic artists that represent some of the most prolific writers from the ’80s to present. Collaborating with Ethik in Philly, I’m excited to show alongside my peers and curate my first group show. Don’t front, Philly is only a two hour drive from NY. Come by, support, drink and have fun! Big up to Mass Appeal!! “

The show is taking place August 16 at 8pm in Ethik’s Philly store, located at 640 South Street. The art will run on the shop walls for two weeks.



To keep up with the brand, follow Ethik on Facebook here.

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