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EPMD at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

EPMD at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Watch EPMD tear up the stage and run through some of their classic cuts during this year’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Long Island’s legendary EPMD certainly went back to biz during this year’s 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith jumped right into the thick of it with “It’s My Thing,” the instant-crowd pleaser cut from their debut album, Strictly Business. The duo also got some help from their MC mentee, Redman, who returned from a backstage smoke break to join them on the hard-hitting “Head Banger.” Those that were in attendance got a full dose of hip hop 101 as Erick Sermon broke down the significance of the DJ, and the group’s very own DJ Scratch was on the set to school with a hands-on lesson.

Check out Redman’s performance and stay tuned for Pusha T’s along with a full recap video the entire Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival day right here on Mass Appeal.

Performance Stage Crowd

Photography courtesy of Brook Bobbins