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“Off Tha’ Wall” – EPMD

“Off Tha’ Wall” – EPMD


Continuing our coverage from this year’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, we sat down with EPMD for Off Tha’ Wall. Not gonna lie, it was mad cool linking up with this storied hip hop duo. When Erick Sermon and Parish Smith came on the scene they set the bar high and challenged other rappers to step up their shit. With over 25 years in the game and 7 albums under their belts, they have surely earned the legendary status and are first round hall-of-fame picks when all said and done.

During our sit-down, Erick and Parish revealed some gems. They told us about their early hip hop influences, speaking about the effect Run-D.M.C. had on their craft. They even took it back telling us about the time when they purchased “Sucker M.C.’s” back in eighth grade. EPMD revealed the significance of having a song named “Jane” on every album, as well as placing the word “Business” in every album title. Before wrapping up the interview, they school us with some words of wisdom about the rap game and they leave a message for DJ Premier! Take a look at the clip and pay homage to the OGs.

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