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Eothen Alapatt on Crate Diggers

Eothen Alapatt has an extremely rare record collection, they've even inspired Madlib and J Dilla to sample them.

Fuse’s breakout series Crate Diggers is all about master vinyl collectors. They’re back with another episode, and this time it features Eothen Alapatt. The former Stones Throw Records general manager, and Now-Again Records founder, shows off his collection while shedding light on his musical upbringing, how he organizes his collection, and  the extremely rare grooves enthusiasts would kill for. Those records include a super rare test pressing of James Brown’s “Power,”  a Detroit Sex Machines pairing that was shared with J Dilla during his final days, and a Nigerian album that musician (and business partner) Madlib sampled for his Beat Konducta in Africa project.

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45 Records Vinyl Sleeve

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45 Records Vinyl Sleeve

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