‘Enjoy the Silence’ of Montana’s Muted Spray Paint Cans

Montana Colors' "Mute" magnet silencers help bombers avoid the revealing rattle of spray cans.

Biggie once said something about “Bad Boys” moving in silence. Well, the Montana spray paint company outta Spain has taken that sentiment to a whole new level of the video game: enter Mute.

So you’re in a train yard at like 3:40 am. Your face is bleeding from all of the weeds you had to poke through to get there. And your ankle is swollen from the wall you had to scale and jump off of. You’re limping through lanes, trying your best not to stir up those rocks. That duffel bag of yours is weighing you down, fifteen cans of Montana feeling like gold bricks. But you’re here and fuck the police! The last thing you want is a bunch or rattling cans. Mute deads that though. Mute is a special little magnet that keeps that little rattly ball in check. it’s good to know you have balls. You just need to have control over when you show them. Word to Tupac.

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