Emoji Movie Pictionary: Can You Name the Flicks?

Emojis aren’t just for overpriced t-shirts and text conversations with your lady friends they’re also a great way to test your movie knowledge and ability to decipher symbols through “Emoji Movie Pictionary.”  BOOOOOOOM‘s Jeff Hamada discovered this when artist Abel Macias sent him screen shots of an Emoji-based movie pictionary trivia game he’d been playing with friends.

We were able to figure out most of the movie titles but a few like the one with lipstick high-heeled shoe and woman’s face (“Pretty Woman?”) and the last one with the star, bomb and guns. Can you figure out all the answers to the Emoji movie pictionary slides below?

Emoji movie pictionary 1

Emoji movie pictionary 2

emoji sheep

emoji planes trains automobiles movie pictionary

emoji tom selleck

emoji cop and flower

emoji skull and roller coaster

emoji snakes on a plane in movie pictionary

emoji lipstick and high heels

emoji eyes

emoji running

emoji bomb

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  • edward scissor hands

    ghost world

    silence of the lambs

    planes trains and automobiles

    3 men and a baby

    driving miss daisy

    final destination

    snakes on a plane

    pretty woman

    honey i shrunk the kids

    those last ones are going to drive me crazy

  • alfred


  • Frank White


  • Frank White


  • Paul Blart, Mall Cop