Eminem Joins G-Shock For 30th Anniversary

Cheers to 30 years of Casio G-Shock, brought to you by Haze, Stevie Williams, and Eminem.

Hammerstein Ballroom was the place to be last night in NYC! That’s because Japanese watch brand Casio, tapping legends to get the party started, celebrated the 30th anniversary of its beloved spin-off, G-Shock.

The celebration was epic in proportions: Eminem and Slaughterhouse took to the stage for two hours while athletes, artists and designers Nigel Sylvester, Stevie Williams, Kazo Kokubo, Haze, Edison Chen, Joel Centeio, and more, witnessed the “secret” show and celebrated one of the most beloved fashion/sport brands.

Hours before the evening’s concert, Mass Appeal spoke to Sylvester and other G-Shock brand ambassadors about their association with the iconic brand.

Photo of Nigel Sylvester and Hawaii Mike

“I’m so excited to celebrate this moment with G-Shock,” said Sylvester, who joined the G-Shock family two years ago, between late lunch bites of Bon Chon Chicken backstage. “Its just awesome, and makes sense to be here right now,” continued Sylvester, “they’ve supported my dream and my vision. Their goal of toughness and invulnerability is what I’m about. There’s this seamless energy that works between us.”


Pro skateboarder Stevie Williams has been rocking with G-Shock for four years and concurred with Sylvester. “It’s been a blessing,” said Williams, who will launch a watch with G-Shock later this year. “Every year it gets better. It’s a good thing for a brand to be around for 30 years, I want the same thing for my own brand,” the DGK founder who recently finished a US tour, explained. “I’m psyched to be here!”

Also psyched was legendary G-Shock designer, creative director and artist Eric Haze, photographed by Chino BYI above, who joined G-Shock 15 years ago.

“[My longest relationship] both as an artist and as a design studio is with G-Shock,” Haze said. “My brand has achieved a certain transparency that allows me to collaborate both as an artist and as a brand. G-Shock is the perfect example [of that].”

Explaining that both the 25th and the 30th anniversary of G-Shock were important to him, Haze reiterated, “It’s a blessing and an amazing opportunity to be put into the driver’s seat, to create the identity of the brand. It’s one thing to sit behind a computer or sit in the studio and create something, but the real payoff is to walk into something like today.”

Haze was talking talking about the signage and the display of G-Shock watches that lined an entire wall of Hammerstein Ballroom. Assembled were hundreds of watches from brands and personalities like Clot, The Hundreds, DGK, and Nigel Sylvester—all rare, unique pieces that put G-Shock on the map. Check ’em out below!

Video: MissInfo


Photo: Edison Chen

Photo: Yellow Kid Slanty X G-Shock 30th Anniversary Edition

Shady. Photo by Chino BYI


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