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Elliott Wilson Sits Down With Jay Z at Yankee Stadium

Elliott Wilson Sits Down With Jay Z at Yankee Stadium

Elliott Wilson chops it up with the artist formally known as “Jay-Z” ( now stylized Jay Z) in the first part of a two part interview featured on Jay’s “Life+Times” video series.

The pair share a 1-hr session where they discuss the feedback fans and spectators have dished out on his latest album, Magna Carta… Holy Grail. Along with discussing the musical process, Jay makes some interesting comments on the business side of MCHG that are worth consideration. The interview only touches the surface when scaled against last weeks interview with BBC radio’s Zane Lowe, where the duo delves into the actual crafting of the records on MCHG, giving a better perspective on where the Brooklyn rapper stands creatively. Where ever you stand in the MCHG debate, here are some things to take into consideration from the interview:

@10:30 “Shakespeare was a man who wrote poetry. I’m a man who writes poetry. Why not compare yourself to the best . . . What, I’m supposed to be here to be second best”? 

@13.02 “What people have to understand is Billboard is a magazine. They saw an opportunity and they grabbed it.” – “Let’s figure out how to bring new revenue streams into the business.”

@19:40 “It was really almost an announcement of where I am right now.”

Check out part one of the interview with Elliott Wilson above, and stay tuned for the second half later today. Also check out our “Open Letter” to Jay Z, discussing MCHG. 

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Jay Z elliot wilson
Elliot Wilson sits down with Jay Z

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