Elle Varner “Don’t Want To Dance” ft. A$AP Ferg

There's nothing wrong with a night in.

For all the girls who ended up in a party with their homegirls— absolutely regretting throwing on those heels— instead of macking with that fine number you’ve been texting on and off all week, this one is for you. The curly haired goddess Elle Varner and A$AP Ferg put together a refreshing track titled “Don’t Want To Dance” that shows off the much neglected chill side of life. Everyone needs one day without the liquor, girls, and drugs. We haven’t had a tune like this since Fat Joe and Ashanti’s “What’s Luv.” Facts.

“Don’t Want To Dance” is every down to earth girl’s anthem; a ballad for all those times you couldn’t put your frustration into words for your party-every-weekend posse. Sometimes it’s better to just head home (unless the DJ is playing Weezy that is). Fergy Ferg delivers a super unexpected verse: Instead of hitting the club, Fergenstein would rather chill in the crib and watch Bruh Man climb through Martin’s window. Who said rappers don’t like to cuddle and watch flicks?

Check out the new track from Elle Varner and A$AP Ferg below, and heed the songs advice. Next time you think about going to the club, call up your shawty and stay yo’ ass home.

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