Mr. Killums: Inside the World of El-P’s Self-Destructive Puppet

A brief history of El-P's right-hand squirrel.

Mr. Killums tattoo

Mr. Killums is a bad mutha . . . We’re talking about that lawless sidekick of El-P, who was recently immortalized in ink when a fan got his crazed mug tatted on their person. A Mr. Killums tat is just the latest in the string of crazy antics inspired by the official mascot of the Into the Wild tour. Since Mr. Killums made his first appearance in El-P’s “The Full Retard” video, he’s been nothing but trouble. Below we look back on his life and times as the raging rodent of rap.


Even though “The Full Retard” is the official raucous anthem of El-P’s partner in crime, Fabolous, a fellow Brooklyn MC would probably agree that this squirrel be killin’ em. An eye patch, a semi-automatic weapon, and a taste for danger, Mr. Killums lives hard and dies hard just like his fellow woodland creatures of the concrete jungle. Watching him incite debauchery in the video for “The Full Retard,” it’s no wonder, when he’s brought out for this song on the Into The Wild Tour that things get hairy on stage and in the audience.

Mr. Killums El-P sidekickPhoto by DJ Sky

We’ve learned how much of a danger Mr. Killums is to himself and those around him in the dramatization of his life in “The Full Retard.” Well this year it proved to be deeper than rap when someone in Austin, Texas, tried to kidnap Mr. Killums. A few fans tweeted about the incident, and talked about it on Facebook, but Mr. MFN eXquire recently told us that the situation was taken care of, and Mr. Killums was saved from the transgressor.

El-P Mr. Killums Into the Wild Tour

Can you blame Mr. Killums for being so cool? Everyone wants to have their picture taken with him? He parties harder than Charlie Sheen on Tigerblood. Besides El-P and his Into the Wild tourmates, Curren$y also posed with the OG Squirrel Master. #JetLife.

Mr. Killums Dogshamming

Mr. Killums is so far ahead of his time, he’s about to start another life; look behind you, he’s about to pass you, twice! We took a page out of Jay-Z‘s rhyme book to tell you how early Mr. Killums was on the trend of Dogshamming. It’s a pretty new Internet meme that recently sprouted with photos of pets and their shameful signs. But Mr. Killums isn’t about being trendy, he’s living what some people just read about in the news. Bootlegging is just a tip of the iceberg for this coldblooded killer.

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    to be clear I am a huge El-P fan, but I actually tattooed this on our counter guy at Golden Eagle Tattoo in Santa Barbara, Ca…he’s only been listening to El-P for about 9 months but when you tell your counter guy he’s getting a free tattoo he takes it almost without question.