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EarthSeaWarrior Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

EarthSeaWarrior Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

EarthSeaWarrior Octopus Jar

Everyone knows that Alice went down the rabbit hole and discovered a fantastic world that only following the furry white guide could reveal. Now wether you agree with the freeing power of psychedelics or not, there’s no negating the inspiration of imaginative work. This said, Mass Appeal and the neo-nostalgic art of EarthSeaWarrior cordially invite you to the Friday, Oct. 4th opening of “The Rabbit Hole,” an exhibition showcasing new sculptures and works that promise to take attendees down the dark side of the new moon.

Scroll down to check out some of the work and the official details on the flyer–spiked tea and cakes included!

EarthSeaWarrior Psychedelic Skull Sculpture Art
EarthSeaWarrior Gold Skull Sculpture Art
EarthSeaWarrior Skull Heads Art Sculpture
EarthSeaWarrior The Rabbit Hole Exhibition Flyer Opening
  • Laura

    Looks awesome! Will def be there.