Earl Sweatshirt 2014 SoundCloud New Releases

Earl Sweatshirt Freestyle and New Track ft. Mac Miller & Vince Staples

EARLy man is back with some bangers.

It’s looking like Young Early Man is ready to start dropping tracks on folks through his newly acquired “important_man464” SoundCloud account. The first of two offerings, titled “*NEBRASKA MM VS ES* 9/6/12” – the abbreviations reveal the songs cast of characters: Mac Miller, Vince Staples, and Earl Sweatshirt while Nebraska is a reference to a line by Miller spits on the track– bears a foundation made up of that winding melodic sound we’ve come to know from the Odd Future Camp (experts have also theorized that Earl may in fact be responsible for the production credit having previously gone under the pseudonym “randomblackdude”  which is similar to this tracks “randomblahblah” production credit). Check out the first joint below for some lyrical gymnastics from west coast faction. #TASKFORCE

“If I die tonight tell my mom I was a Pretty Bitch.”

“Slangin’ wood like a deck sponsor…”

The second release, titled “*SONG FROM 2012 HIGH 6AM RAMBLING AT THE 5TH*,” appears to be exactly what the title says. A rambling freestyle recorded early in the AM possibly after a nigh chock full of them creative devices creativity inducing vices. Check that jammy out below. Rub that salve on your mental.

With this new SoundCloud in place Earl might start gifting fans with new tunes at his leisure so be on the lookout and bookmark that Important_Man464 account for future updates.

Earl Sweatshirt 2014 SoundCloud New Releases

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