Skaters eating mexican food in California

Earl Sweatshirt Smokes Weed, Eats Food, and Has His Own Skate Shoe

The skate hippie trifecta.

Sometimes skate sponsorships aren’t just based on insane skateboarding abilities, but often the organic cross-pollination of ideas and philosophies shared in friendship. Lakai Footwear’s new collaboration with Earl Sweatshirt of the Odd Future clan is just this. Not to say that Earl doesn’t hold it down on the board, because he does (tre flips on and off the curb dialed in).

But as the promotional video for the Earl Sweatshirt Camby shoe will show you, the “lifestyle” isn’t about any outsider’s standards or expectations. Instead, it’s just a chill day with both Earl and Lakai team rider (and Supreme “cherry” star) Nakel Smith – doing nothing but waking up and engaging in the glorious hippie trifecta that is smoking bud, eating grub, and skating stuff.

The Earl Sweatshirt Camby is available in two all-suede (skate ready) variations and two casual canvas variations all priced at $65. Do yourself a favor and check out the day-in-the-life footy up top and click here for the shoes. That is, of course, if you want to cop.

red greed grey Lakai Earl Sweatshirt shoes

Green red grey Lakai Earl Sweatshirt shoes

Skaters eating mexican food in California

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