Earl Sweatshirt “Burgundy”

Earl lets loose a new gem produced by Pharrell entitled "Burgundy" off his upcoming album Doris.

This morning, Earl Sweatshirt dropped off another gem from his upcoming album Doris entitled “Burgundy.” The track features Vince Staples as well as production from The Neptunes, who provide the ambiance for Earl’s discussion  on the nature of fame and expectations.

“Burgundy” begins with Vince Staples asking Earl why he’s so depressed and the record essentially acts as an answer to this question. Earl begins his first verse by saying “My grandma’s passin’/But I’m too busy tryin’ to get this fucking album crackin’ to see her/So I apologize in advance if anything should happen/And my priorities fucked up/I know it/I’m afraid I’m gonna blow it.” Earl laments the expectations attached to Doris, as well as the notion that he’d not only be letting the listening public down but also his family, who are dealing with the precarious health of his grandmother.

The second verse lets the audience know that Earl isn’t taking for granted the opportunity he’s been given. Though he’s dealing with all this familial drama and the expectations of the public, he’s also excited about the position he’s in as one of the top dudes in hip hop currently. It’s difficult to disagree, considering that there aren’t many artists who have received as much adulation as Earl has since arriving on the scene.  The fact that that he’s spitting all this over a beat from one of hip hop’s foremost acclaimed and eccentric producer is clearly a sign that Earl has indeed arrived.


Speaking of The Neptunes, can we just go ahead and rename the summer after Pharrell? Even with heavyweights like Jay and ‘Ye releasing huge albums, there doesn’t seem to be anyone more relevant across more platforms than Pharrell. Between the success of “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” to the scoring of “Despicable Me 2” soundtrack and now “Burgundy,” the man is simply on fuego. At this point, is it out of the realm of possibilties for Pharrell to make a smash country record just to prove that there is no genre he can’ t conquer?

Doris is available for pre-order on iTunes and will drop August 20th. Listen to “Burgundy” below.

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