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Earl Sweatshirt Album Trailer and “Burgundy” Preview

Earl Sweatshirt Album Trailer and “Burgundy” Preview

With Earl Sweatshirt’s debut album Doris less than three weeks away, the Odd Future rapper and Issue 52 cover subject teases what’s in store with a short trailer titled “Fence Jump.” In it, he quite predictably jumps off a fence, but only after telling all those questioning his timing to STFU.

The clip features a brief snippet of the Pharrell-produced “Burgundy,” which according to a recently released tracklist, also features Vince Staples. Along with the video, we get an extended snippet of “Burgundy,” which while way too short, at least hints at great things to come. Doris is in stores August 20, but you can preorder now.

earl doris trailer
doris teaser

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