E.T. Nearly Kills Video Game Industry in “Atari: Game Over”

Watch the trailer for Zak Penn's new documentary about the worst video game ever.

Back in April, we told you about folks digging up old E.T. cartridges that were buried in New Mexico. For those that didn’t peep the story, 30+ years ago Atari buried a couple of landfills worth of E.T. cartridges for the Atari 2600 in hopes to hide their embarrassment of how bad the game sold and played. When people finally found the games this year, director Zak Penn was there to film the entire thing.

Zak Penn helped lead the excavation of the E.T. cartridges and incorporated the event into a documentary on how horrible the video game was for Atari, and how it nearly caused the entire video game industry to collapse. The documentary, Atari: Game Over, is set to air this fall on Xbox console systems. Peep the trailer in the player above.

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