DVS Gets Ill In Brazil

DVS Gets Ill In Brazil

The DVS shoe company took a recent demo trip down to Brazil and the result is a heartfelt short about how skateboard pros Daewon Song, Torey Pudwill, Luis Tolentino and Chico Brenes got down with the local Sao Paulo and Rio community. Considering the global span of skateboard culture, the video showcases why Brazil’s passion for scene (with over 4000 kids coming out for a Sao Paolo’s Porto Alegre skatepark demo) easily rivals that of any country’s. It’s also nice to note how uplifting the attitudes are in a country where so much disparity and poverty exists. See for yourself how all of the positive skate vibes really opened the skaters eyes to the beauty of the sport and the opportunities that it can produce. There’s also some amazing skateboarding, of course!

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