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Duck Hunt: Rappers and Molly

Duck Hunt: Rappers and Molly

Illustration by Hectah

Dear Blacks,

There haven’t been too many girls holding it down in the ‘hood named Molly — until now. And now all of a sudden you’re sweating to be best friends with the new White chick who just moved in? Really? Shame on a ninja. At any rate, we’ve got some shocking news for you: the White chick who just moved in has been around the block and you’re mad late to the party. Just like columbus didn’t really “discover” America, you people didn’t put Molly — AKA MdMA in powder or crystalline form — on the map. Raver whiteboys with saliva-drenched glosticks did like twenty-something years ago. Know your drugs history, yo.

Here’s a chew stick of knowledge for you to consume: The term “molly” colloquially refers to MdMA in powder or crystalline form, usually implying a higher level of potency. Molly is derived from the word “molecule,” not from some pleasant White girl with nothing to lose. Kids talk about it on Facebook. there are even t-shirts that say, “have you Seen Molly?” If you wear a shirt like this in the ‘hood you should be labeled an uncle tom and tackled immediately. those who sell it say it’s a more pure form of MDMA, the chemical in ecstasy. experts say it’s mad dangerous. It can be mad addictive. Molly gives the user heightened positive senses, causing a rush of serotonin to the brain. But don’t get gassed because when you crash you’ll get mad depressed and you’ll want to take more. Moderation in life is always key, but Molly ain’t weed, ’nawmean?

Then you have the rapper Trinidad James. Trinidad says he sweats after he pops-a-Molly. that’s nasty, yo. We’re not telling you what to do in terms of what you should consume, but there are other drugs that have more of a legacy in your community that can make you sweat if that’s what you’re into. heroin, for instance. If you want to out-sweat Trinidad James, “h” might be your ticket (although it’s a little more involved and some people just don’t like needles).

In the end, we just wanted to help you get your history right. there are plenty of things that Whites have tried to take credit for that you Blacks have created. And yes, revenge is sweet. But taking credit for Molly just isn’t the way to go, negroes. you’re better off claiming Taylor Swift — she wants to be Mary J. Blige real bad.

This story appears in Mass Appeal Issue 52. Read more stories from the issue here.


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