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DT Blanco “Flexa$™”

DT Blanco “Flexa$™”

If Levii Ru$$el is the Monarch of The Supreme S**T Cult (short for culture) then DT Blanco is its battle axe weilding viceroy that you don’t want to cross. Known as the supplementary half of Supreme Sh**t DT Blanco recently released her tribute to the lone star state that she calls home and a Dallas staple aka “flexin.” “Flexa$™,” produced by Mister Mammoth – perfect name if he’s producing beats like this – is a track that exudes that trippy drugged out sound we’ve come to expect from the state where everything is bigger.

An unabashed and uninhibited flow from DT rises to the top of the cream that is this track. You’ve never met a rapper like her but hopefully she’ll be around long enough that you won’t have to find one. Check out the video above and get familiar because she will “turn out yo bitch!” if you sleep.

DT Blanco Flexas Single

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