DJI Phantom Helicopter Drone flown Through Fireworks 2014

Drones and Fireworks are a Magic Combination

This video will get you closer than you've ever been to fireworks while sparing you from your mother's shrill cries.

In an age where everything is about clouds, embeds, links, and shares, we miss something— true experience. This video, however, is different. Dismembered limbs, missing digits, and other horrifying tales are typical fireworks-related stories. Rest assured, this video will get you close to the action while sparing you from your mother’s shrill cries from the stoop of the crib, cause you just wouldn’t listen.

There isn’t much info attached to this video, but we can say that someone’s friend decided to fly a DJI Phantom copter through fireworks and we get to relive it, fingers attached and burn free! Peep the video in the player above and enjoy it. Drones used to be labeled “the new danger” but now I guess they can also be oodles and oodles of fun!

[h/t Juxtapoz Magazine]


Greg is still on the fence about drones, but he’s still bumping “The Neptunes Present…Clones”. He’s on Twitter: @MrLXXXVII

DJI Phantom Helicopter Drone flown Through Fireworks 2014

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