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Drojo “The Order”

Drojo shows us how his "Narco Wave" music can be just as real as the narco drug trade.

While your favorite rappers are busy yapping about their imaginary drug game and its superficial spoils, dudes like Drojo aren’t playing around with the sensitivities behind Mexican drug cartel and the war going out in the street that no man is safe from. According to the burgeoning “Narco Wave” genre artist, things like naming actual names and cartels is the kind of stuff that gets you nailed, quite easily. He should know, he grew up around it his entire life.

Now, the story-teller decided to figuratively strap up and cinematically describe his own version of the tales that get governments extorted, whole family’s kidnapped, and kilos moved. Not for glorification purposes, though. To Drojo, tracks like “The Order” are more like films and references that discuss what’s happening in his Mexican border town. It’s social context, he says. The fact that your favorite American rapper pays triple for what Mexican cartels smuggle in, should let a mofo or two know what a lucrative and twisted affair border narco-trafficking is.

Download Drojo’s “Narco Wave EP” and get more affiliated with what’s going on in [Latin] America’s backyard right here. Fashion-forward fans of the content can also check out Drojo’s revolutionary label, Symbol DTS. Death To Snakes!

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Drug Narco Wave Mexico Dirt Road Drugs

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