Drake Responds to Jay Z on Draft Day

Drake Repsonds to Jay (in a Drake Way) On “Draft Day”

Sneak dissing at its finest.

Come on folks, you knew it was coming. If a relevant rapper throws the slightest shade at Drake he’s going to respond. It may not be the next day. It may not be within the next week. Hell, it may not even be within the same year. But he’s going to respond. Oh, except one thing: he’s not going to address them directly. It’s perfect.

You know he’s talking about someone, but you can’t figure out whom. You’ll run the track back a bunch of times, jot down the lyrics and devise your best conspiracy theory. Maybe tomorrow you’ll compare notes with your friends. In the end, no matter how right or wrong you are, Drake’s going to play dumb. “Jay who? Nah, I wasn’t talking about Jay. I mean I had some Js in my verse: J. Manziel,  J. Lawrence. But I don’t remember any Zs in there.” Okay, Drake. Okay.

“Just hits no misses, that’s for the married folks / Tell ’em fix my suite up ’cause I’m coming home / Oh, I heard he talking crazy, I was out of town / You know they love to pop all that shit when I’m not around / But when I’m here? Sssss, not a sound / That’ll make me snap, jot it down, go in the booth and lay a body down”

Sneak dissing at its finest.

So what should you make of the “Johnny Football” cover art, the Katniss Everdeen thirst, and little line about Chance the Rapper? Basic diversion tactics, son.

Listen and download Drake’s new track “Draft Day” below for yourself, and hit us with your best conspiracy theory in the comments section.

Shout out to Hit-Boy with the fire-ass beat, though.

Drake Responds to Jay Z on Draft Day

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  • El kid ric

    Mmm damn, jay is jay, he killed it on his verse but it’s pretty tied up right now, comparing the two side by side, drake is really sneaky, but he knows what he is doing, he is sort of a bitch for covering his disses so much but hey everyone has a style and this one works for him.

  • Danger!

    how is that sneak dissing jay-z? gtfoh

  • mrfreeze26

    well here we go that boy about to get a spanking his team isnt stong enough

  • Dirty

    Jay Z is washed up…. and talks bout nothing…get em drizzy

  • Dalton

    I don’t see a diss at jay, this bitch ‘hides’ it so well cuz he’s scarred that nobody even knows he’s talkin shit, IT DOESNT COUNT IF Nobody knows KNO UR DOING IT.