Drake Pops His Cherry Onstage With Wiz Khalifa

New Strain Papi

Aw man, ya boy “Champagne Papi” just got deflowered on that botanical tip, aka his lips just touched the ambrosia of the green gods. Following a guest performance from bastion of all things cannabis at Drake’s Houston Appreciation Week, Yung Wholesome Molson took some time to show love to his homie Wiz by doing something he’s never done before… smoke a joint onstage.

Surprising news, considering he’s a rapper and all. There’s usually at least five jammies rolled and going onstage at the average rap show.

Hit the video up top to check out the clip of Drake partaking in the partake for the first time, and thanking Wiz in the one way that only Drake would.


Greg understands this teeming cup of sus-ery presented before you. While he understands, he doesn’t condone Drake getting sexy on the joint. Just puff and pass bruh and chill on the Egyptian oil laden hugs, that shit is tough to wash out. Follow the gatekeeper of #sus, he’ on Twitter: @$u$gAWd87

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