Drake NCAA Final Four Kentucky

Dammit Drake! NCAA Edition


It’s hard being a fan of a debatable artist, especially when they’re extremely talented. You spend half of your time enjoying their amazing music, and the other half trying to defend their ridiculous actions. Things get even more difficult when that extremely talented artist happens to be Drake.

The dude is a superstar. A Dada-wearing, tryna-give-you-a-hug-doe-struggling, super-sus-Instagram-user-name-having superstar.

As a fan, you’re faced with a difficult decision every time he releases a new song: do you try and convince the non-believers how amazing his music is, hoping that he doesn’t do something extremely questionable in the near future; or do you just avoid his name like Voldemort (whoops) and enjoy his music in secrecy? Most fans choose the former because there’s nothing weirder than enjoying Drake’s music in secrecy. Imagine sneaking off late at night just for a few minutes alone with So Far Gone. Weird.

That being said, Drake fans should have known they’d be due for a struggle face moment, sooner than later, after Drizzy dropped two new tracks last week. That moment came last night when Drake popped up during the NCAA Men’s Championship Game looking like he lost something.

Drake Kentucky Jersey

Well, he did: the game.

Regardless of the level of Drake’s contributions to the outcome (he wasn’t playing in the game at all, people) the Internetz did what they do best – GO IN!

Memes. Borderline racist tweets. The usual.

Even the UConn Men’s Basketball Twitter account got involved with the trolling.

Well played UConn, well played. I hope you enjoy your trophies and headlines.

Drake NCAA Final Four Kentucky

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