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DOWNLOAD: Undrgrnd Bullets’ “Madness Vol. 1” Compilation

DOWNLOAD: Undrgrnd Bullets’ “Madness Vol. 1” Compilation



There are a shit ton of blogs in the Tumblrverse dedicated to arcane and obscure new hip-hop, but few are curated as well as Undrgrnd Bullets. Now, the crew behind the blog have joined forces with Open Gym Records to present a dope compilation of beats from some up-and-coming producers who will likely be on your radar in the very near future. Now the next time you’re talking music with your homies you can front like you’ve discovered the next Clams Casino all by yourself!

DOWNLOAD: Undrgrnd Bullets Presents: Madness Vol. 1 Compilation

1. Smuggs DeVorzon- Lil Sinister
2. Contact Lens- Streak
3. Jayyeah- Sathanas
4. Skymning- Never Went
5. MFK-Overfloo
6. Karman-Living Room
7. Action Bastard-Planetscapes
8. Sir Yogaflame- Urameshi
9. Fantasy Camp-Cold Front
10. SHMX- TroposphericSuicide
11. Gamera- Crystal Aura
12. The Comedian- E. Clay Shaw, Jr./Stankton
13. Being Gigantic- Samurai
14. Smuggs DeVorzon- Isiah Rider(Bonus Track)