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Download Flosstradamus “Rollup” (Baauer Remix)

Download Flosstradamus “Rollup” (Baauer Remix)


Baauer Flosstradamus "Roll Up"

Trap is on fire. Off the heels of his “Harlem Shake” release, Baauer serves up the bass blast like a bong hit to your dome piece in this flip of Flosstradamus’ “Rollup” track. It’s funny how trap beats (trap bass?) has taken itself out of rap and become a whole new genre on its own, and a very popular one at that. Hear tracks like this at our regular BPM152 party series here in NYC.

This is the lead track off Fool’s Gold Clubhouse Vol 2, which drops in full next Tuesday.

Listen and Download here:

Grab Fool’s Gold Clubhouse Vol 2 as a free download 7/31 via http://www.foolsgoldrecs.com/clubhouse

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