Lil Scrappy Paws

Don’t Front on Our Man Crush: Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy is man after our own heart.

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta has L-O-V-E all F’d up. Every Monday night when VH1 rallies its cast of rappers, baby mommas, wifeys and trifeys (side-chicks) there is no love whatsoever—just hate, hate, hate. Didn’t another rapper say hate is the new love?

Something’s gotta give in The A. Seems like the producers and writers never ever heard “Forever I Love Atlanta,” that banner anthem that’s tattooed on our chest ever since Lil Scrappy made it a proclamation in 2004. We should probably get Scrappy’s name tatted next to “F.I.L.A.” while we’re at it. Pause. Or shall we say PAWS? Scrappy’s hands could forge diamonds, not the way Roc-A-Fella and ’em make triangles in the sky. Nah b, Scrappy and his mitts are like the hands of God. You saw them this week when he used his fists to strike down upon Stevie J with great vengeance and furious anger.

Obviously Scrappy got his name from putting his hands skills to work. We just want to shake hands with the man, give him dap, or a high-five for laying out Stevie like a cheap rug. Duke should’ve seen them coming. You didn’t have to remind us how amazingly nice Scrappy is with those paws. Long before Scrappy was in your living room on Monday nights, he was the Prince of the South. And don’t get it twisted, he proved that no one shall take his crown. Watch the throne Stevie! One look at our iTunes library, Scrappy’s discography speaks for itself. “No Problems,” may not have the multi-platinum success of what Stevie got to enjoy with Biggie Smalls and the Bad Boy fam-a-lam by producing “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” But we know when “No Problems” comes on, somebody might get their head bussed. Speaking of which, “Head Bussa,” “Don’t Put Yo Hands,” “Gangsta Gangsta,” “What You Gon Do,” “B*tch N***az,” “Beatin’ Down the Block,” (for slapping skins with the ladies) even his latest “Face Off” from The Grustle are all soundtracks for open palmed anything. Check the resumé.

What’s important to know is that we’re not sweet on Scrappy. He’s that dude because he’s a man of his word. Any man calls your baby momma a b*tch, yeah, we would take a bike chain around his neck and treat ’em like a 10-speed, ya heard?! Lil Scrappy is our role model. He did what any man with love for their baby moms would do—protect his house, because he built it brick by brick, with his paws. Maybe there is just a little love on VH1’s after all. A small amount, but just enough to still have hope for the one you’re with. It’s the type of love Scrappy is willing to bet the house on. Put your hands together and applaud that man when you see him for us.

Lil Scrappy Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

Lil Scrappy Paws

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