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Dondi Lives: Watch The Lost Clip from Style Wars

Dondi Lives: Watch The Lost Clip from Style Wars

Donald “Dondi” White (April 7, 1961—October 2, 1998) is one of the most influential graffiti artists in the history of the movement; he was a pioneer who’s cultural reach has stretched well beyond dark the rail yards of New York City.

Dondi broke into the gallery scene during the second wave of outside interest in the culture (early ’80s) but he found a way to stay true to his pure, natural instincts as an artist. In today’s world of “graffitistreetartwheatpastestickersyoutubetwitter,” people lose sight of substance and become all too consumed with “making it.” Dondi was a made man on the strength of his originality on the ribs of subway cars; his letters and the details that made them pop(ular) were powerful enough to represent the man in life and in death. The following lost clip is from the crucial doc Style Wars. Here, we get an intimate look at the Style Master General in his bunker; he holds court in his war room, lays down strategy and shares some of the philosophy of another great master, the recently departed Rammellzee.

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